In Special Consultative Status with the ECOSOC of the United Nations, established in 1984, JKCHR works to advance the belief that “the effects of war are immediate, but those of peace, far beyond and far reaching.”

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JKCHR is the first NGO which launched Relief and Medical Assistance for the Refugees in Azad Kashmir in December 1990 and set up a Centre for Victims of Torture and Rape in 1991

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Contact us for more information, keep up-to-date with our activies, enquire about supporting JKCHR and its causes and donate to do your part. Defending human rights is everyone’s responsibility

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December 2022 Report primarily takes into account, the merits of Indian Action of 5 August 2019 and the Jurisprudence of Kashmir Case. UN Security Council has stated that “The party that would dare to violate an agreement thus reached would load upon itself a very grave offence against the other party, against the United Nations, and against the right of the people of Jammu and Kashmir to self-determination, a right which, in other contexts, both parties have so often and so eloquently defended.”

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It is very difficult to work on the human rights regimes of a people distributed into three
administrations, families fractured on both sides of cease fire line (CFL) and people enduring the controls of five governments and five constitutional arrangements.

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JKCHR provides support and assistance to non-Kashmiris as well. The NGO remains guided by common ‘humanitarian concern’. JKCHR has continued to maintain its lead in issue-oriented work. It works to advance the belief that “the effects of war are immediate, but those of peace, far beyond and far reaching.

The NGO is playing a lead role in the understanding of the jurisprudence of the Kashmir case. It has successfully argued constitutional writ petitions in the superior courts of Azad Kashmir

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گلوبل پکڑ شروع۔آئی ایم ایف نے پاکستان سے گریڈ 17 اور اوپر کے افسران اور ان کے گھر والوں کے اثاثوں کو ڈیکلئیر کرنے کامطالبہ کر لیا۔ قانون نافذ کرنے والے اداروں کے اثاثوں تک رسائی کے لئے گائیڈ لائن جاری کردی گئیں۔ ہمارے آزاد کشمیر کے افسران اورادارے حساب کے لئے تیار رہیں۔

Civil and Military Establishment in Pakistan needs to spring back and reassure common Pakistani of a better tomorrow. People of Kashmir need a reliable reassurance in their struggle for Rights, Dignity, Security and Self-determination. All is not OK. @CMShehbaz @OfficialDGISPR

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